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JPEG to Word Converter

JPEG to Word Converter 1.0

Let pictures speak a thousand words with JPEG to Word Converter

Thought it isn't a task that comes up often (unless your work involves it) it's boring having to manually copy information from an image. Many websites put their text in images for various presentation or marketing reasons but if you need a copy of that information that you can edit you're stuck writing it out. JPEG to Word Converter is able to automate this process and do much more plus there's a free trial.

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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Double payments and no customer service. used this software its was great. Updated and it asked for payment . after I had paid . Customer service does not exist left with a dead software sham it was good

  • by Anonymous

    Great converter. Great converter. It is easy to use, and also can convert various image file types like bmp, png, gif... Also can convert pdf files to any word or other text file types. Speed is very fast and interface is user friendly. Only a few clicks can finish the conversion.

  • by Anonymous

    The software works ok. Just download and install and use.. The software works ok. Just download and install and use....

  • by Anonymous

    Easy and Fast JPEG to Word Converter. JPEG to Word Converter is an excellent Word converter and it converts all JPEG files to editable Word format.

  • by Anonymous

    It is a nice software. This is a nice software. Works fine. JPEG to Word Converter converted my scanned page to word.

  • by Anonymous

    Works as described.. The software works as described. Support all major file formats.